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Who We Are:

1803.dev believes in the power of ideas that shift paradigms.  Right now, there are countless unexplored innovations emerging from Ohio and the Midwest that have the power to effect positive change in society and the world. 

We source inventive and cutting edge ideas with commercial and social potential and build teams to turn those ideas into a sustainable and profitable reality.  

What We Do:

At 1803.dev, we believe in markets, not products. A great idea means nothing without a reliable, scalable market base. 

To ensure the best possible outcome for our clients, we immerse ourselves in the inner workings of their industries and the competitive environments in which they operate.  Using a collaborative approach, we review our clients’ business models, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and target ways they can accelerate growth and development to maximize societal and shareholder value. Our goal is to be objective in our analysis and to provide clear and actionable advice/guidance at all times.

Who We Want to Work With:

We want to work with founders and business owners who view complexity and uncertainty not as obstacles but as opportunity. We are looking for problem solvers and critical thinkers. Individuals who are willing and able to learn and accept constructive feedback. 

We want to work with diverse and inclusive teams that are nimble and motivated by rapid change. Teams that are focused and committed to building their company and who show true grit by learning and adapting from failure rather than accepting defeat. 

We want to work with advisors and boards that are action-oriented and excited about an idea and its potential impact. Boards composed of intelligent individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Advisors who want to utilize their communication and networking skills to leverage maximum results.

And we want to work to encourage transparency and philosophical alignment between 1803.dev and our clients, as well as amongst all key team members on 1803 projects.



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